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Hey my name is PON and I've been in the tattoo business since 1999 and an artist my entire life. I have had my art work and tattoos published in several publications around the world. I have been successful in many forms of art but always return to my one true passion Tattooing. I served an extensive tattoo apprenticeship, but I attribute most of my success as a tattooer to one of my mentors Phil Luck. He taught me how to approach the craft with respect and tradition, without him I could never have accomplished all I have and have had the love for tattooing I do now.

I have been interested in tattooing since an early age. My earliest memory is drawing on my little brother with a motorized squiggly pen at the age of 10. When I was 15 years old I received my first tattoo, while vacationing in Italy. That’s when tattooing went from a fascination of mine to deciding that this was what I wanted to do.

My work is heavily influenced by traditional New York tattooing, consisting of bold outline, heavy shading and vibrant colors. Traditional tattoos are not my only passion, I truly enjoy any tattoo that challenges me to be a better artist and is fun to do. My dream is to help leave the tattoo industry better than when I got in, I have helped shape the career of many tattooers and its my hope that through them I can Leave a legacy.




Award Winning

New York Tattoo Artist

Tattoos by Pon

Specializing in American Traditional and New School

Tattoos By PON

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Tattoos by PON

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